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Baby Priorites

It’s no secret, I’m a massive Sooner fan… so I figure it’s best to start my daughter off on the right path! Can’t believe she’ll be here in a little over a month! via...

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Supporting my birds

Got to watch The Cardinals play the Nats in spring training. The Cards played their B squad — and got smoked, but it was good time! via IFTTT

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24 Hours of Happy

I’m sure by now you’ve heard Pharrell’s new song – Happy. It’s such a great feel good type of song. If you haven’t seen the website, do yourself a favor, and check it out!...

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Creating an LED Wall Part 1

The Idea Over the past several months, I’ve been diving into Arduino, C++, Rasberry PI, and other electronic making “stuff” for one simple reason; I want to make a gigantic LED wall. Now this...

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Woot! It’s #DigitalFriday and we’re feeling really jazzed. Guess that’s because either the weekend is here, or we have really good “stuff” to share for today’s post. Quick story, I’m sitting at the dinner...