We all do things for a reason. Wither that be because we make a subconscious choice or we were persuaded by friend or advertisement, we all decide and then make our choice. What is it that sparks that behavior? What chemical mix inside our brains tells us one is better than the other? When we are purchasing online, how do we trust that the item won’t be faulty, fit right, or look good? It really all comes down to psychology.

Woe… I realize this is deep, but hear me out for a moment. Over the last few days I’ve been watching a video series that talks about human factors. It’s an excellent topic if you really stop and think about it. Think about it. If I go to website A, and then go to website B, what makes me like one over the other? Chances are I’ve decided that website A was well designed and the user experience was well thought out. The checkout seemed seamless which makes it trust worthy…Wait. Trustworthy? Why? Website B is terribly designed, the user experience is crap and the checkout process makes me feel like I’m posting my account number on a billboard in Times Square. Never mind what actually happened, that’s for another post. What makes me feel this way, what makes human factors play into marketing, advertising, user experience?

I’ve dropped a collection of these videos below. They were done by Human Factors and are very engaging to watch, even if you don’t care for the topic. The way they are hand drawn to describe the voice over pulls you in alone. At the end of the videos, there is a link to download the entire drawing. It seems they’ve used a service called TruScribe. If you’ve used this service, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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