I can’t believe it’s been a year since I spoke at TEDx Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach, Fl. It was a cool experience and I hope to be able to speak again.

I remember how stressful this process was because in my professional life, we were in “pitch mode” at the agency which meant working around the clock in order to prepare for a big pitch for a client. Truth be told, I had the talk outline ready a good month prior (the people that run TED events mentor you to help make your talk have a bigger impact). However, it wasn’t until my wife and I were in the hotel the night prior was I able to devote time to walking through my speech, making sure my slides made sense. I know, not something I’m proud of.

Looking back, of course I should have devoted more time. You’ll be able to see that I look nervous. I wasn’t. I never get nervousĀ  when speaking, but I do get uneasy when I’m not comfortable in knowing what I’m saying. It clearly comes of as a case of the nerves. In short, my talk was really half-assed. Sorry TED, life was calling. Now, I will say it wasn’t all bad. After I spoke, I got wonderful dialog and great questions regarding a challenge I posed to the largely engineering audience toward the end of the TEDx talk. This YouTube edit won’t show that but the audience was quite engaged. That felt good!

My talk was a mix of advertising and music. It talks about the importance of emotion in advertising and how music currently influence’s messaging. I also take it a step further and talk about how one day…… wait, you’ll have to watch to find out.

With that said, here is my TEDx Talk at Embry Riddle – Daytona Beach, FL last October 2013.

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