We all do things for a reason. Wither that be because we make a subconscious choice or we were persuaded by friend or advertisement, we all decide and then make our choice. What is it that sparks that behavior? What chemical mix inside our brains tells us one is better than the other? When we… Read More

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Yes, it’s true, I’m in the middle of redesigning, no, re-developing my blog. You’ve heard the buzz around “designing in the browser” and that’s exactly what I’m doing… and doing it in production. So please, if you see something broken or something that doesn’t appeal to your eye, chance are I just haven’t got to… Read More

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Over the past few weeks, myself and the Director of Optimization here at On Ideas have been reviewing/auditing our offerings in the Optimization, Dashboard and Analytics category. It’s no secret that every client should have the opportunity to review how a campaign worked or how it’s currently performing. This is the only fool-proof way to… Read More


I’m working on a new remix on my spare time. Funny as it may seem, I got this idea from being put on hold while talking to Media Temple about them being acquired by Go Daddy. The “hold” music, was Janet Jackson – That’s the way love goes. My wife has always loved that song,… Read More