It’s no secret, I’m a massive Sooner fan… so I figure it’s best to start my daughter off on the right path! Can’t believe she’ll be here in a little over a month! via IFTTT… Read More


Got to watch The Cardinals play the Nats in spring training. The Cards played their B squad — and got smoked, but it was good time! via IFTTT… Read More

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard Pharrell’s new song – Happy. It’s such a great feel good type of song. If you haven’t seen the website, do yourself a favor, and check it out!, one of the best concepts for a website that I’ve seen in a while. via IFTTT… Read More

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I’ll be speaking at Dig South in Charleston, SC in April. I’m not sure yet what day or time just yet, I’ll post updates as I get them. If you’ve not heard of Dig South, read more about them here. Here’s a list of all the presenters.… Read More